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StarLink in Panama: A good option for properties in Chiriquí?

Posted by Wee-Yiong Fung on May, 2023

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In an increasingly connected world, high-speed internet access has become a basic need for many people. However, in rural or remote areas, traditional internet infrastructure often has limitations. In this context, StarLink, SpaceX’s ambitious satellite internet project, has begun to compete in the internet market in Panama. We will explore how StarLink is addressing connectivity challenges in the country and whether it represents a good fit for properties in the beautiful Chiriquí province.

StarLink: What is it and how does it work??

StarLink is a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network that seeks to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity to users around the world. Unlike traditional internet services that rely on terrestrial infrastructure, StarLink uses a constellation of satellites that communicate with each other and with base stations on the ground. These satellites, being closer to Earth, significantly reduce latency, which translates into a better navigation experience.

What kind of providers do we have in Chiriquí and how do they differ from Starlink??

  1. Cable providers: They use fiber optic or coaxial cables to offer high-speed internet in commercial, urban and suburban areas. These need to physically exist in order to provide the service.
  2. DSL providers: They use the infrastructure of the existing telephone line to provide connectivity. The speed and availability may vary depending on the distance to the telephone exchange. This is more frequently hired for its low cost and good performance.
  3. Satellite internet providers: They use orbiting satellites to transmit internet signals. They may be an option in areas where other connectivity options are not available, although latency may be higher. This is the closest service to StarLink, but due to its high maintenance cost, the service can maintain a high price and the quality can be average/poor.

Connectivity challenges in Panama

Panama, with its diverse geography that includes mountainous areas and scattered rural areas, faces challenges in providing high-speed internet. Often, areas far from urban centers lack adequate telecommunications infrastructure, limiting access to reliable internet services. In this context, StarLink seeks to cover these remote areas and provide a viable solution for those who struggle to obtain a reliable connection.

Advantages of StarLink in Chiriquí

  1. Connectivity in remote areas: Chiriquí, a province of Panama known for its natural beauty and rural communities, has experienced difficulties in accessing fast and stable internet. StarLink, using its network of low-orbiting satellites, can reach areas where terrestrial internet options are limited or non-existent. If you have a very remote farm, the only thing you will need is an outlet!
  2. Speed and low latency: One of the main advantages of StarLink is its ability to provide significant download and upload speeds, as well as low latency. This is especially beneficial for activities that require a fast and reliable connection, such as remote work, online education, and streaming entertainment.
  3. Easy Installation and Portability: The equipment needed to connect to StarLink is relatively easy to install and does not require extensive ground infrastructure. In addition, the antenna and the equipment are portable, which allows the service to be taken to different locations according to the user’s needs.
  4. It does not require contracts: Once you buy the equipment, you do not have to return it, it is yours. You can keep the monthly payment for as long as you need it, if you won’t be at home for one month of the year because you’re going on a trip, you can cancel your service that month and resume it without problems on another date!

Important considerations

Although StarLink offers numerous benefits, there are also things to consider before deciding on this service:

  1. Cost: StarLink currently requires a significant up-front investment to purchase equipment and service. Also, a monthly fee is required to maintain the connection. Currently, this monthly cost is $52 (2023).

Where can I buy StarLink?

Follow this link!

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